Zines are small run do-it-yourself publications. There is an excellent entry on Wikipedia if you would like to know more about them. Mine are small run indeed.

QRK5, Issue 6


This is my personal zine/art zine with content pulled from my notebooks, sketchbooks, photo archives, paintings and prints. The first three issues were published under the title, A Long Way Down. I abandon that title as it is taken by a novel. From the forth issue I switched to QRK5, which is morse code shorthand for we read you loud and clear.

  • Issue 1: An open letter to a Starbucks' manager, pulp movie reviews
  • Issue 2: My life drawing progress, or lack of it
  • Issue 3: Desire and Gas Receipts, Vampire Tiki's flower
  • Issue 4: RedBubble stickers, Gone with the Wind post-Charlottesville
  • Issue 5: My pinhole photography
  • Issue 6: Toy Camera Photography, Flour vs Wheat


I publish and edit this zine about making, viewing and collecting fine art. Articals and illustrations for each issue are created by artist, curators and collectors from around the world.

  • Issue 1: Polaroid, Breaking Down in the Museum, and Postmodernism
  • Issue 2: The Mona Lisa, T-shirts and Richard C. Miller


A catalog of my instant film photography images — both Polaroid and Impossible Project. This zine also includes text about how I started shooting instant film and a forward by Mike Landers.

The 5¢ News

A mini zine of photographs from my iPhone.


Sometimes I contribute articles to zines I don't publish myself. Here is a partial list.

  • Behind the Zines
  • I Love this Album
  • I Love this Movie
  • Letters to my Ex