Zines are small run do-it-yourself publications. There is an excellent entry on Wikipedia if you would like to know more about them. Mine never run more than 50 copies in each printing.


This is my personal/art zine with content pulled from my notebooks, sketchbooks and archives.

Some back issues of are available though Billy McCall's Behind the Zines Distro.

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A catalog of my instant film photography images — both Polaroid and Impossible Project. This zine also includes text about how I started shooting instant film and a forward by Mike Landers.

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I publish and edit this zine about making, viewing and collecting fine art. Articals and illustrations for each issue are created by artist, curators and collectors from around the world.

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Sometimes I contribute articles or illustrations to zines I don't publish myself. Here is a partial list.

  • Behind the Zines
  • I Love this Album
  • I Love this Movie
  • Letters to my Ex