I try to keep a project going all the time. Some are "art" projects, others are just things I have always wanted to try.

RedBubble Sticker Shop QRK5, Issue 4 Paint Chips


I publish several zines. Zines are small run do-it-yourself publications. There is an excellent zine entry on Wikipedia if you would like to know more.

My titles include:

  • Manifesto a zine about making, viewing and collecting fine art. Created by artist, curators and collectors from around the world. Edited by me.
  • QRK5 my personal zine featuring content from my sketchbooks, notebooks and photo archive.
  • Instant a catalog of my instant film photography images — both Polaroid and Impossible Project. It also includes text about how I started shooting instant film and a forward by Mike Landers.
  • The 5¢ News a mini zine of photography from my phone.

Sticker Shop

I have started a sticker shop at RedBubble. I have always like stickers and I like the quality of RedBubble's print-on-demand product. My laptop is covered with them.


Here are links to some downloadable content. Most of the items here have a specific use and are often linked to my long suffering blog.

  • Paint Chip Cards (8½x11 PDF)
    Acrylic paint can shift color slightly as it dries. I used these paint chip cards to make swatches so I can see the dry color of the paint and judge its opacity. They are also handy for making notes and as a reminderof what I had after I have tossed the empty tube out.
    These cards work best when printed by a laser printer or photocopier on white card stock.
  • Glaze Test Cards (8½x11 PDF)
    These cards are handy to test a glaze in advance. Acrylic glazes are very far off of their final colors because acrylic palomar is milky white when wet but clear when dry.
    These cards work best when printed by a laser printer or photocopier on white card stock.