Here are some of my projects. I always like to have at least one going and I often have too many started!

Sticker Shop

I design stickers. Mostly for my own use, but I post them publicly, on Redbubble, in case anyone else would like one. The earliest designs were drawn with a felt-tipped marker. the newer designs were created digitally on an iPad.

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Roman Hero sticker on RedBubble
Roman Hero
Boxers sticker on RedBubble
Vintage Radio sticker on RedBubble
Vintage Radio
Abracadabra sticker on RedBubble

Free Downloads

I created these files for myself. I offer them here in case that you will find them useful.

  • Paint Chip Cards Print these cards on white card stock. Use a laser printer if you can, inkjet might bleed into the wet paint.
  • Paint Glaze Cards Same instructions as the paint chip cards above. Paint the right rectangle first, then glaze over it in the left rectangle.
  • Cyanotype Formula Labels Print these labels for use on 500ml amber glass bottles when making your traditional cyanotype chemistry.