I have always enjoyed the act of painting. Even at my modest skill level, it's a very rewarding hobby. Here are some of the paintings that made it to the light of day.

Face Forward

I have started a new series of paintings. These are early days for this series, but I am excited to see where it leads. You can see the test image on my Reddit feed if you like. More to come.

5x7 Series

I purchased a stack of 5x7 inch canvas pannels at an art supply store fire sale. I have been using them as studies or to try out techniques for larger paintings. A few of them have turned out well enought to show. This first batch has sold out, but I will post more soon.

Collage Postcards

Not technically painting, but...

For this series of postcards, I am inspired by architect, Richard Meier, who makes a daily collage from the junk mail sent to his studio. I am not that prolific, but I do like making and mailing out postcards.