Thanks for visiting my personal website. I work for a literary agency . I'm trained as a stage designer and spent many years as a motion picture cameraman. I draw, paint, take still photos for fun. I also publish my own zines.

I am working on updates to this site at the moment, I will upload more content as I have it.

QRK5, Issue 9

Trip to Georgia

Well, I have gone as long as I can without traveling back to see family. I am not convinced that it is safe to fly. In fact, with the variants, I think it may be riskier now that it was last year. Nonetheless, here we go. Looking forward to see y'all soon.

Tues, Oct 5Delta 548LAX 9AMATL 4:21PM
Thurs, Oct 14Delta 365ATL 1:01PMLAX 2:43PM

QRK5, Issue 9

Issue nine of my personal zine is out now. It features some of the finished Face Forward Portraits, some infrared photography and a story about life along the LA River Bike Path.

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Face Forward

Finally! I have posted some images in this series of portraits. They have been a long time in the making. There may be a few more that I will add later, but for now here they are.

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