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I used to make my living as a cinematographer for low-budget horror and kung-fu movies. These days, I shoot still photographs for fun. I use both digital and film cameras and enjoy using anachronistic printing techniques.

Group Portraits A Lazy Eye, My Holga Photos American History/American Fiction

Group Portraits

Group Portraits is a series of intimate portraits of non-existent people, printed as cyanotypes on heavyweight watercolor paper. Each print is signed and numbered on the back.

A Lazy Eye

A series of black and white photographs of Los Angeles made with a Holga toy camera. Holgas are made of all plastic and known for their less than perfect, dream-like images. Each image is printed on monochromatic photographic paper.

American History/American Fiction

American History is a series of digital photographs of moments in US history using 2-inch plastic "army men" figures.

American Fiction is a spin-off series that depicts "unverified" events.