Prints for Sale


Welcome to Ed Site, the personal web space for me – Ed Tillman. I work for a literary agency. I'm trained as a stage designer and I draw, paint, take still photos for fun. I also publish my own zines.

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Prints for Sale

Need something for that blank wall? I have a small inventory of prints from my American History and American Fiction series. Each print is an 11x11 inch (or 28 cm) lightjet print, signed and numbered on the back. I am able to accept PayPal or personal check.

Untitled Portrait Series

I have started a new series of paintings. These are early days for this series, but I am excited to see where it leads. I'll repost my paintings page when I get something to show.


Issue 5 is out now! After a yearlong gap, I have published a new issue of my personal zine. This issue features photographs from two of my pinhole cameras; the Easy 35 which is a 3D-printed camerathat uses a laser punched pinhole and a matchbox pinhole camera that I constructed out of easy-to-find items.