Welcome to Ed Site, the personal web space for me – Ed Tillman. I work for a literary agency. I'm trained as a stage designer and I draw, paint, take still photos for fun.

Group Portraits

Midnight Flight to Georgia

This is round two. I had planed to be in Georgia for my birthday, but it just didn't work out. The new plan is my typical trip for the holidays. I hope to see y'all then.

Dec 21Delta 2429LAX, 11:55pm
Dec 22Delta 2429
ATL, 7:00am
Jan 2Delta 110ATL, 8:35amLAX, 10:35am

Sticker Shop

Stickers for Sale at Redbubble

I have been a customer of RedBubble.com for a while. I like their vinyl stickers. They stick well and the colors are pretty durable. On a lark, I started to design a few of my own and I have made some of them available publicly. I am rolling them out slowly, but here is a link to my sticker shop.

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