I try to keep a project going all the time. Some are "art" projects, others are just things I have always wanted to try.


I publish several zines. Zines are small run do-it-yourself publications. There is an excellent zine entry on Wikipedia if you would like to know more.

My titles include:

  • Manifesto a zine about making, viewing and collecting fine art. Created by artist, curators and collectors from around the world and edited by me.
  • QRK5 my personal zine featuring content from my sketchbooks, notebooks and photo archive. Issue 4 out now!
  • The 5¢ News a mini zine of photography from my iPhone.

Sticker Shop

I have started a sticker shop at RedBubble. I have always like stickers and I like the quality of RedBubble's print-on-demand product. My laptop is covered with them.