QRK5/A Long Way Down

This is my personal zine with content pulled from my notebooks, sketchbooks, photo archive and paintings. This first three issues were published under the title, A Long Way Down. I abandon that title as there are several other works that use it. With issue 4, I switched to QRK5, which is Morse code shorthand for we read you loud and clear.

QRK5, Issue 4


  • QRK5, Issue 4 includes examples from my RedBubble sticker shop, a text on Gone with the Wind post-Charlottesville, an introduction to my TTV photographs and a final version of The Vampire Tiki.
  • A Long Way Down, Issue 3 includes a comic text about desire and gas receipts, the case for a flower on The Vampire Tiki and a round up of my iZone photographs.
  • A Long Way Down, Issue 2 documents my progress (or lack of) in my life drawing class using charcoal and chalk on newsprint. This issue contains nudity.
  • A Long Way Down, Issue 1 includes an open letter to a Starbucks manager, illustrations, and pulp movie reviews.