I recently purchased a single roll of LomoChrome Metropolis, a film stock that is designed to mimic the skip bleach process. The stock is desaturated, very contrasty and favors green. I like the images from this test roll, and I would shoot it again if Lomo keeps making it.

I plan to use some of these images in an issue of my zine, QRK5 but here is a sneak preview.

If you click in an image, you may see a larger version.

Roll 1, Frame 07

Glendale, CA

Roll 1, Frame 15

Echo Park, Los Angeles, CA

Roll 1, Frame 17

Los Feliz, CA

Roll 1, Frame 22

Clouds over K-Mart
Burbank, CA

Roll 1, Frame 26

Playa Del Rey Beach, CA

Roll 1, Frame 35

The Sand — My favorite shot of the roll
Manhattan Beach, CA

Roll 1, Frame 36

Classic Cadillac
Manhattan Beach, CA